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First Aid on Fracture

First Aid on Fracture. Fracture is a break in the bone, generally caused by trauma, twisting, or weakened bone structure due to disease. There are two types of fractures, simple fracture (no wound around the fractured area) and compound fracture (underlying skin has been broken or damaged).

First aid action on these case are control of bleeding, care for shock, splint affected area to prevent further movement (without causing further pain to victim) and cold packs may help reduce pain and swelling.

How to do first aid action on broken bone caused by a major trauma or injury? Call the emergency medical services (EMS) or ambulance. When the victim is unresponsive, you need to check his breathing and heartbeat. Begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for the first aid action if there's no respiration or heartbeat until emergency personnel arrive.


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November 03, 2011  
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