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First Aid on Bruises

What is definition of bruises? A bruise is an area of skin discoloration caused by blood seeping under the skin after small blood vessels near the surface of the skin have been broken.

Bruises are usually caused by bumping into hard objects, banging yourself against something or being hit (falling) off something. The main sign and symptoms are pain, tenderness, change in colour of the skin (red, purple of black) and swelling.

There are three types of bruises:
1. Subcutaneous bruise (beneath the skin)
2. Intramuscular bruise (within the belly of the underlying muscle)
3. Periosteal bruise (bone bruise)


Most bruises are will get better and healing on their own over a period of about ten days, but if a bruise result caused by an injury on the lower back, and blood is present in the urine, Get help immediately to the doctor or medical services center (hospital or polyclinic). This could indicate injury to the kidneys or other organs.

First aid on bruises treatment you can remember as R.I.C.E
  • R : Rest the injured part, do not overworking your muscles in bruise area.

  • I : Ice or cold pack on the bruise to reduce the swelling also relieve the pain for 30 to 60 minutes at a time for a day or two after the injury.

  • C : Compression bandaging, Wrap a bandage firmly round the bruise area, but not too tight.

  • E : Elevate the injured area, Keep the bruised area raised above the heart to helps keep blood from pooling in the bruised tissue.

  • Bruises case most often in the patients with platelet or coagulation disorders. If you find unexplained bruising, It's may be a warning sign of child abuse or serious medical problems, such as leukemia and meningoccocal infection. This is should be evaluated by a doctor. Deficiency of Vitamin C also will make a person more susceptible to bruises from impacts.


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