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First Aid on Electric Shock

First Aid on Electric Shock is an emergency medical services (EMS) that very important action to help the victim come out from serios problem. Learn about basic life support (LBS) like CPR procedure was usefull in this situation in which electrical shocks can stop a person's breathing, heart failure or unconsciousness, and also cause burns.

What should you do if someone gets shocked?
- Make sure for your self don't become the next casualty, If the victim is still touching a live electrical source, turn off the power to the source, or break the victim's contact with it by using a non-conductive object (wooden broom handles are commonly used)
- Call for help (ambulance or emergency medical services (EMS) team)
- Check for breathing and pulse, if the victim is not breathing, immediately begin mouth-to-mouth and if there is no pulse, as soon as start CPR procedure.
- Check his body, may be have sustained burns.
- If the victim does not appear serious injury but he looks pale and faint, it is mean may be he going into shock condition. Lay him down with his head slightly lower then his chest and make his feet elevated.
- Unconsciousness condition, no breathing and no pulse needed to do CPR for the basic life support till emergency medical services (EMS) team arrive.


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nursing interventions in first aid on electric shock.i thinks this is total information about ems.i thinks mre pepole don't no abouts ems.this webside helps to pepole.

March 14, 2009  

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